Retreat 2012 (LIFE)

For this year’s school retreat, I am not the official photographer. After several years of being the person who documents the yearly school event, I guess it is really time to pass on the baton. I am glad with this arrangement because it gave me the freedom to shoot at my own pace and to take photos of things that are interesting. I am trying to hone the creative part in me. This year, I told myself that my photos should have a story, a picture that would stay in my mind because there was something interesting about it when I took a photo of it. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Patience and Perseverance

Two Different Pathways


Quiet and Peace

Will the lines meet?

Glimmer of Light

God cares no matter how infinitesimal it seems.

The Battle



Her Smile


Just Beyond the Lamppost

Up Close

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One Response to Retreat 2012 (LIFE)

  1. go go go :] saluhin ko muna yung baton mo ate nicey. sa last year ko sa messiah ako naman ang gagawa nito. na encourage ako after ko to makita.. bakit ngayon ko lang to nakita? haha =


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