DPP VI The Anniversary Party

After several attempts to attend a DPP event, I was able to attend this year. At first, I just wanted to pass by to check out the event. As the hours go by, and as I attend one lecture after another plus the live shoots, I decided to stay. I ended up staying until the end of the event.

The best photographers in the country in different fields of photography are there to share they knowledge about photography. They talked about techniques, gave photography tips and showed sample photos during the lectures; and they did not mind the strong heat of the sun and the people crowding to take photos during the live shoots.

All I can say is that I learned so much from the whole day event even if I was not able to attend all the lectures and live shoots because some of them are done simultaneously. The people who were able to attend the event saw the photography experts’ work and how they work.

I know I have a long way to go and I have so much to learn. We should never stop learning because even the photography experts, who have been taking photos for many years, say that they are still learning until now.

Speed Light Shooting with Mr. Jiggie Alejandrino and Mr. Ricky Ladia

Mr. Jiggie and Mr. Ricky during the Live Shoot

Mr. Paco Guerrero showing his sample setup for his Travel Portraiture

Mr. Jiggie handling the lights while Ms. Pilar Tuason shoots

Lectures, live shoots, and performances did not stop in spite of the strong heat of the sun.

Body Paint Models

Fast Fashion Photography lecture by Nikko Villegas (20 plus poses in 1 minute)

Time-lapse Photography

Mr. Manny Librodo’s Lecture

Free Magnum Ice Cream

Live Judging

©Nicey Arafiles

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