Unang Yugto: The First AWIT Alumni Concert

When I was invited and asked to take photos of the AWIT Alumni Concert, I did not hesitate. Back when I was in elementary , I used to play classical music too. I played the recorder and the flute. Later on in high school, my brother and I joined the AWIT Youth Orchestra. It feels wonderful to be able to play the classical pieces and play in an orchestra but it requires a lot of practice and discipline.

It was my first time to shoot a classical concert and it was quite difficult to shoot because of the dim lights (I cannot use flash photography). The place was also full so there was little room to move to take photos. Plus I had to be extra quiet because the audience was listening intently to every note of the music.

This was really a challenge but I had a great time watching my friends perform and it was also great to listen to classical music again. I was inspired to listen to classical music again. Perhaps sometime soon, I will pick up my notes and pieces and play my flute again.


Unang Yugto: The First AWIT Alumni Concert

John Owen Castro, flute
Geraldine Margaret Padilla, flute
Gabriel Allan Paguirigan, piano
Princess Faith Mariel Priel, soprano
Elaiza Jem Tangalin, violin

With collaborating artist:
Ms. Hannah Valdez-Sariego, piano

University of the Philippines – College of Music Mini Hall


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