Verniece and Her Pink Skates

It’s the figure skating season once again!

Sharing this album Verniece and Her Pink Skates.

CCSVDPC Weapons Mechanical Training

Field stripping is a training done yearly for the CAT cadets and officers of Saint Vincent de Paul College. This year, it was held at the Naval Reserve Command. I was able to join this year, not as a cadet, but as an alumna of the school. I helped teach a few cadets how to assemble and disassemble the M16.

The cadets had to learn the assembly and disassembly of the weapons assigned to them. They also had to clean and study the parts of the weapons. After learning the basics, they practiced numerous times, tried to beat their own record time and beat the other cadets in the assembly and disassembly of the weapons.

After helping teach the cadets, I also tried to practice with the M16. Many thanks to the younger alumni (former weapons team) who helped me recall the techniques for faster assembly and disassembly! There was not much pressure to do it really fast compared to the time when I was a cadet. But of course, it would be better if you can still finish faster than the cadets. I was also being careful because I did not want to get wounds and bruises but out of the eagerness to field strip again after a several years, I still got some small cuts on my fingers.

Aside from the M16 Armalite, we were also able to work with the M14 Rifle and the M1 Garand. After practicing in the morning and having a quick lunch, some alumni gathered to do a relay game. One person was assigned to disassemble four rifles and then the next was assigned to assemble all four, so on and so forth. I must say that it was a challenge because the alumni who were formerly part of the weapons team are really good at it. Some of them can disassemble a rifle in 7 seconds! For another relay, we used all three (M16, M14 and M1) and each person has to disassemble and assemble right away, without time to arrange the pieces that are all over the place, before the next person can move. There’s so much pressure but it was really fun! I must say that it’s also a great workout. It takes much effort and strength to be able to assemble and disassemble the weapons really fast. 🙂

Eight hours of that Saturday went really fast but I was glad I joined the training this year. I am really looking forward to joining again the next weapons training of the school.

Field Stripping Less Actual Marksmanship held at the Headquarters, Naval Reserve Command

US Rifle Caliber 5.56, M16 Armalite

US Rifle Caliber 7.62, M14 Rifle

US Rifle Caliber .30, M1 Garand

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