Gian & Sarah

My friends Gian and Sarah got married on the month of September last year. Indeed, time flies so fast! I cannot believe that August of the year 2011, we were organizing and already starting to finalize the details for their wedding. The bride and groom chose me to be their wedding planner and coordinator.

Planning a wedding, as some may say, is tedious. It is true but for me, planning a wedding is also fun. I have previously helped coordinate three weddings. It helped me a lot when we planned and organized the wedding of Gian and Sarah. Planning a wedding is not as hard when you know what the bride and groom wants for their wedding. The family choosing the suppliers and weekly discussions also helped a lot. Gowns, fitting, venue, decoration, food, lights, performers, speakers, guests, transportation, photographers, flow of the program and so much more! These are only some of the details that that one should take note of in a wedding. I spite of some of the stressful moments, the bride and groom remained cheerful. There is so much that you can learn from planning, organizing and coordinating an event.

Thank you to Gian and Sarah for this wonderful experience! It will soon be your first anniversary! 🙂

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Photos: Joash Maramara Photography

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