The Day before Christmas 2012


















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We spent time with relatives and had lunch and dinner at our grandparents’ house.


One Year Old Rafa

Our cousin, Rafa, turned one a week before Christmas.






Baby Dan

The super cute baby Dan at 2 months! He is 4 months old now. 🙂



De Luna Family and a Blog Feature

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to take photos of the family of mommy blogger Ms. Martine de Luna. Instead of going to the studio or other venues, Ms. Martine chose the home of her parents, which is the same home where she grew up. It was a nice summer afternoon and their son, Vito, started to play at the garden. It is pleasant to see the family enjoying the outdoors. Vito played with plants, toys and water. His parents and grandparents also joined him.

Click here to read more about the photo shoot.

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“Featured Find: Nicey Arafiles Photography {Plus, a Mother’s Day Treat}” by Dainty Mom:

*Link to Ms. Martine’s blog:

Kiddo-preneur Summer Bazaar 2012

The Kiddo-preneur Summer Bazaar 2012 is an event where kids could learn and practice their entrepreneurship skills even at a young age. Kids sold different kinds of products such as food, artwork, toys, accessories, books and even services. It is wonderful to see the kids full of life and enthusiasm while promoting and selling their products at their wonderfully decorated booths.

The kids are taught not only to earn money from what they are selling but also to save, invest, donate and spend wisely. The event is supported by certain banks in the Philippines as well as The Philippine Stock Exchange. There are also charities present which are being supported by the event and the kids’ businesses.

The Inviting and Colorful Entrance Booth

Colorful Products in Display

Art by Kids

Cards with a Kid’s Paintings

Exciting Marketing Strategy

Another Promo for a Product

Ms. Maiki Oreta interviewing the kids about their business

The Juantrepreneurs

Towards the end of the event, the kids are still vibrant and energetic while selling their products. They would even approach you, ask you questions and talk to you. Over all, I enjoyed attending the event and I learned so much from the kids. Business is not all about selling. It’s also about having fun, being creative, using your talents and skills, saving, investing and we should not forget, sharing and helping.

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Ally & Mommy

Ally is the 2-year-old daughter of lawyers Atty. Richie Ramos-Pilares and Atty. Jun Pilares. She was bursting with life that afternoon and it was a joy to take photos of her. It’s fun trying to keep up with her as she goes from one activity to another.

Her cuddly stuffed toy, Detroit

Playing under the colorful parachute

What will she do next?

Watching the movie “Enchanted”

Mother and Daughter

Ally looks like her mommy

She rides her bike

Then she writes. (notice how she holds the pen)

That’s all for now. 🙂

It’s great to be able to capture the smile of child, but remember that you have to be swift because you never know how long that smile will last.

*Thank you so much for the time, Ms. Richie!

LCLC Class and Graduation Photos

The month of March marks the end of the school year. I had the opportunity to take class photos and graduation photos at LCLC for nursery and kinder students. I have to say that it is really a challenge to take photos of kids below seven years old. Some of them are easy to shoot but others would take more than ten photos. You have to be friendly and patient when it comes to kids. I tried making a conversation with them, making them laugh before pressing the shutter button or even calling their funny classmates to make them smile. Challenging but fun!

Classroom Wall Art

Some photos of the kids while waiting for their classmates.

Next are the graduation photos of the kinder students. Some of the kids are very serious, some smile a lot and others just smirk.

The following kid is just cool (check out his hair) and so full of energy! He’s fun and he know how to pose in front of the camera. When his classmates are nervous and showing a frown in front of the camera, he knows how to make them smile and laugh.

Like what I previously said, it was challenging and also tiring. But then, it’s worth it. In the end, the kids had fun especially in the wacky class photo. And when I already finished packing up and was getting ready to go, they all eagerly said “thank you”, gave me big smiles and waved goodbye.

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