Skater Girl Goes Back to School

Last summer, I was able to go skating several times. I took photos of some skating outfits of Verniece on one of those days. Photography and skating just made my day. I love doing both so much!

This week of June, it is back to school for most of the students (some started earlier). It could mean new classmates, teachers, school, books, and lessons. The new school year could also mean seeing former classmates, learning from old teachers and going to the same school. Going to school also means an opportunity to learn new things. We could say that learning is for students but the truth is that we can all still learn even if we are no longer students studying in school. I remember learning from a speaker at an event before that learning never stops. We learn not only from school and we learn even if we are not students anymore. We should always strive to learn wherever we are and whoever we are.

Nicey Arafiles Photography:

Verniece Enciso:

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