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CCSVDPC Weapons Mechanical Training

Field stripping is a training done yearly for the CAT cadets and officers of Saint Vincent de Paul College. This year, it was held at the Naval Reserve Command. I was able to join this year, not as a cadet, but as an alumna of the school. I helped teach a few cadets how to assemble and disassemble the M16.

The cadets had to learn the assembly and disassembly of the weapons assigned to them. They also had to clean and study the parts of the weapons. After learning the basics, they practiced numerous times, tried to beat their own record time and beat the other cadets in the assembly and disassembly of the weapons.

After helping teach the cadets, I also tried to practice with the M16. Many thanks to the younger alumni (former weapons team) who helped me recall the techniques for faster assembly and disassembly! There was not much pressure to do it really fast compared to the time when I was a cadet. But of course, it would be better if you can still finish faster than the cadets. I was also being careful because I did not want to get wounds and bruises but out of the eagerness to field strip again after a several years, I still got some small cuts on my fingers.

Aside from the M16 Armalite, we were also able to work with the M14 Rifle and the M1 Garand. After practicing in the morning and having a quick lunch, some alumni gathered to do a relay game. One person was assigned to disassemble four rifles and then the next was assigned to assemble all four, so on and so forth. I must say that it was a challenge because the alumni who were formerly part of the weapons team are really good at it. Some of them can disassemble a rifle in 7 seconds! For another relay, we used all three (M16, M14 and M1) and each person has to disassemble and assemble right away, without time to arrange the pieces that are all over the place, before the next person can move. There’s so much pressure but it was really fun! I must say that it’s also a great workout. It takes much effort and strength to be able to assemble and disassemble the weapons really fast. 🙂

Eight hours of that Saturday went really fast but I was glad I joined the training this year. I am really looking forward to joining again the next weapons training of the school.

Field Stripping Less Actual Marksmanship held at the Headquarters, Naval Reserve Command

US Rifle Caliber 5.56, M16 Armalite

US Rifle Caliber 7.62, M14 Rifle

US Rifle Caliber .30, M1 Garand

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DPP VI The Anniversary Party

After several attempts to attend a DPP event, I was able to attend this year. At first, I just wanted to pass by to check out the event. As the hours go by, and as I attend one lecture after another plus the live shoots, I decided to stay. I ended up staying until the end of the event.

The best photographers in the country in different fields of photography are there to share they knowledge about photography. They talked about techniques, gave photography tips and showed sample photos during the lectures; and they did not mind the strong heat of the sun and the people crowding to take photos during the live shoots.

All I can say is that I learned so much from the whole day event even if I was not able to attend all the lectures and live shoots because some of them are done simultaneously. The people who were able to attend the event saw the photography experts’ work and how they work.

I know I have a long way to go and I have so much to learn. We should never stop learning because even the photography experts, who have been taking photos for many years, say that they are still learning until now.

Speed Light Shooting with Mr. Jiggie Alejandrino and Mr. Ricky Ladia

Mr. Jiggie and Mr. Ricky during the Live Shoot

Mr. Paco Guerrero showing his sample setup for his Travel Portraiture

Mr. Jiggie handling the lights while Ms. Pilar Tuason shoots

Lectures, live shoots, and performances did not stop in spite of the strong heat of the sun.

Body Paint Models

Fast Fashion Photography lecture by Nikko Villegas (20 plus poses in 1 minute)

Time-lapse Photography

Mr. Manny Librodo’s Lecture

Free Magnum Ice Cream

Live Judging

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Kiddo-preneur Summer Bazaar 2012

The Kiddo-preneur Summer Bazaar 2012 is an event where kids could learn and practice their entrepreneurship skills even at a young age. Kids sold different kinds of products such as food, artwork, toys, accessories, books and even services. It is wonderful to see the kids full of life and enthusiasm while promoting and selling their products at their wonderfully decorated booths.

The kids are taught not only to earn money from what they are selling but also to save, invest, donate and spend wisely. The event is supported by certain banks in the Philippines as well as The Philippine Stock Exchange. There are also charities present which are being supported by the event and the kids’ businesses.

The Inviting and Colorful Entrance Booth

Colorful Products in Display

Art by Kids

Cards with a Kid’s Paintings

Exciting Marketing Strategy

Another Promo for a Product

Ms. Maiki Oreta interviewing the kids about their business

The Juantrepreneurs

Towards the end of the event, the kids are still vibrant and energetic while selling their products. They would even approach you, ask you questions and talk to you. Over all, I enjoyed attending the event and I learned so much from the kids. Business is not all about selling. It’s also about having fun, being creative, using your talents and skills, saving, investing and we should not forget, sharing and helping.

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Retreat 2012 (LIFE)

For this year’s school retreat, I am not the official photographer. After several years of being the person who documents the yearly school event, I guess it is really time to pass on the baton. I am glad with this arrangement because it gave me the freedom to shoot at my own pace and to take photos of things that are interesting. I am trying to hone the creative part in me. This year, I told myself that my photos should have a story, a picture that would stay in my mind because there was something interesting about it when I took a photo of it. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Patience and Perseverance

Two Different Pathways


Quiet and Peace

Will the lines meet?

Glimmer of Light

God cares no matter how infinitesimal it seems.

The Battle



Her Smile


Just Beyond the Lamppost

Up Close

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Allison @ 18

On January 2012, Allison turned 18. Many girls her age would like to have a debut party, but she chose to spend dinner with her family. It was indeed a memorable evening, a night full of love and laughter.

Birthday Girl


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Cousin Love


It’s great to see old friends once again and meet new people. Many thanks to Allison and her family!

Christmas 2011 & New Year 2012

Some photos from last Christmas and New Year celebration. Christmas trees and fireworks!

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Gab & Gayl Laurel

A morning wedding at Caleruega Church. In spite of being cloudy during the morning preparations, it did not rain during the wedding ceremony and reception. It was a lovely day for a lovely and fun couple.

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*Shot with Sandra Dans and team.

Pipo & Lesley Lina

Wedding preparation photos of Pipo and Lesley for their wedding

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*Shot with Sandra Dans and team.

The 1st Homeschool Kids Fair

Nowadays, I often see kids playing with techy gadgets. When I attended this homeschool kids fair, I saw otherwise. Kids are at the playground, they play musical instruments, and they have exhibits of all kinds of arts and crafts. It brought me back to my homeschool days when I used to do all of these with my siblings and homeschool friends.

It’s great to watch the kids and also reminisce the moments with my homeschool friends. I can’t wait for the next event!

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