De Luna Family and a Blog Feature

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to take photos of the family of mommy blogger Ms. Martine de Luna. Instead of going to the studio or other venues, Ms. Martine chose the home of her parents, which is the same home where she grew up. It was a nice summer afternoon and their son, Vito, started to play at the garden. It is pleasant to see the family enjoying the outdoors. Vito played with plants, toys and water. His parents and grandparents also joined him.

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“Featured Find: Nicey Arafiles Photography {Plus, a Mother’s Day Treat}” by Dainty Mom:

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Allison @ 18

On January 2012, Allison turned 18. Many girls her age would like to have a debut party, but she chose to spend dinner with her family. It was indeed a memorable evening, a night full of love and laughter.

Birthday Girl


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Cousin Love


It’s great to see old friends once again and meet new people. Many thanks to Allison and her family!

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