Mt. Romelo and Buruwisan Falls

I recently went on a hike with friends. It is my second time at Famy, but this time, we stayed overnight. It took us a little over two hours to hike up the mountain. It was tiring because of some steep parts of the trail and also because of the summer heat and our heavy backpacks.

top of the hill

When we got to the top, it was all worth it. We enjoyed the cool water from the falls after a quick lunch.

Buruwisan Falls

We had a small camp fire for s’mores after eating dinner at our kubo.

fire and marshmallows for s’mores

The next morning, we woke up very early and hiked down the mountain at 4:00AM in order to catch the sunrise at the top of the hill. We had breakfast at the hill while watching the sunrise.

The hike down was a little bit faster and cooler because of the early morning sunlight. We just had to be extra careful so as not to slide down at some parts of the descent.

I can’t wait to hike up another mountain!

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