Verniece’s Outfit Shots Collage

Verniece posted a collage of her outfit shots in her blog post “Happy First Anniversary To You and I.” It is wonderful to see that she included some photos from our previous outfit shoots.

Below are the links of the fun shoots that we did last year:

Verniece and Her Pink Skates

Verniece Enciso’s Outfit Photos

Verniece Skates

*Photo grabbed from Verniece's blog with permission.

*Photo grabbed from Verniece’s blog with permission.

Winter White Christmas by SM Ice Skating

Photo by Nicey Arafiles Photography spotted at the Winter White Christmas event by SM Ice Skating. Thank you Verniece and SM Ice Skating!

*Click on the link to view more photos from the album Verniece and Her Pink Skates.


*photo from Verniece

*photo from Verniece

Photos at the SM MOA Ice Skating Rink

Photos seen at the SM MOA Ice Skating Rink

Photos of the event from my phone. :)

Photos of the event from my phone. ūüôā

*Posters and tarpaulins designed and made by SM Ice skating.

Pinkbox: Meet and Greet















Visit Verniece Enciso’s blog post “Pinkbox Meet&Greet Photos” and

Ms. Liz Lanuzo’s blog post “All is well that ends well” to know more about the event.

Click on the following links for more photos of the event:

Pinkbox Meet & Greet Event for Vern and Verniece Enciso and Pinkbox Meet & Greet Photos (Attendees)



Pinkbox, Ferretti, Zen Zest

Verniece and Her Pink Skates

It’s the figure skating season once again!

Sharing this album Verniece and Her Pink Skates.

Skater Girl Goes Back to School

Last summer, I was able to go skating several times. I took photos of some skating outfits of Verniece on one of those days. Photography and skating just made my day. I love doing both so much!

This week of June, it is back to school for most of the students (some started earlier). It could mean new classmates, teachers, school, books, and lessons. The new school year could also mean seeing former classmates, learning from old teachers and going to the same school. Going to school also means an opportunity to learn new things. We could say that learning is for students but the truth is that we can all still learn even if we are no longer students studying in school. I remember learning from a speaker at an event before that learning never stops. We learn not only from school and we learn even if we are not students anymore. We should always strive to learn wherever we are and whoever we are.

Nicey Arafiles Photography:

Verniece Enciso:

Verniece Skates

It is my first time to shoot at the skating rink and I must say that it is really a challenge. You have to adjust to the light inside the rink, catch the movement of the skater, avoid bumping into other skaters, plus find a stable position when shooting while wearing skates. It was quite difficult but I hope I get to shoot at the rink again. Photography and figure skating are two of the things that I really love. I enjoyed this one!

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Verniece and Nicey

Thanks Verniece!


Verniece Enciso’s Outfit Shots

Here are some of the photos that I took for the outfit blog posts of Verniece. For more photos, please visit her tumblr page:

Red and Blue

Peach Floral

Pink Roses

Pink Polka Dot Headband

Lace and Floral

Little Black Dress

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*outfit descriptions from Verniece

Verniece and Her Pink Skates

The figure skating season just ended and many new talented skaters won the competitions. Filipino skaters are not far behind in spite of living in a land where it does not snow and training in a country with only two skating rinks. Hopefully, we can see Filipinos in the podium of the World Figure Skating Championships and the Winter Olympics in the near future.

I had the privilege to do a photo shoot of Verniece. She herself has won many medals from figure skating competitions here in the Philippines and abroad. This pretty and sweet girl started to skate since she was six years old and now, she is also a fashion model.


We had a great afternoon. It was fun and easy to take photos of Verniece and we enjoyed talking to each other especially about figure skating.

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Thank you Verniece!

*Special thanks to Allie V. for the venue.

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